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In Cyprus

Finally I found the time for posting something ... blog wise. I've settled in Cyprus. It has already been 8 months! Everything is here, my furniture, my studio, my cats. Internet is working, though it has been a challenge to be honest. When I first heard about the 16Mbps speed that was max for this village ... say again?! Then it became clear that the speed in my house would be even more dramatic ... 12Mbps! Read More…

Move to Cyprus

The studio equipment has been disconnected, except for the iMac so I can still do some e-mail and administration stuff.

So, am I ready for the big move? Well yes and no. Meaning: there's still a lot of things to do the upcoming month in Rotterdam. There's a lot of things to take care of in Cyprus as well. It feels like I've already split myself in two halfs, living two lives. Soon picking up the keys of my new house, making sure electric, water and internet will be working before my arrival in April. Meanwhile, organizing stuff in The Netherlands so that all goes well, the house gets emptied, the new owner can move in and I -TC- can safely leave this country.

If everything goes by plan I will be able to start building the new studio first week of April. Honestly... I think the first week I only want to SLEEP and become ONE with my new environment!

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Atlantic Treasure in stock now!

Great news! After the digital release of my Atlantic Treasure album on december 1st, now the physical release is a fact. The CD is in stock at Syngate Records shop ( click here ). The CD comes in a jewel case and includes very nice artwork, the CD itself has the most beautiful print! The perfect Christmas gift to yourself and your loved ones Happy


Gapless Playback

Let's take this term under the loupe: "gapless playback" means: without any gaps, right? For me this term is quite essential in music production. Especially when it comes to ambient music and electronic music in general. What does it mean: it means tracks are presented in a nonstop flow, from part 1 you'll be taken into part 2 and from there into part 3 and so on... something I first noticed when I bought synthesizer music LP's back in the 80's...

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My new EP has been released today:
Dreamology is available in all digital formats via my Bandcamp page. *

gp dreamology

The EP includes 3 tracks:
  • Droppings (Heavenly Ambient Mix) - the total beatless version of Droppings: 16 minutes of a pure atmospherics, featuring granular synthesis and wide soundscapes. Previously unreleased.
  • Droppings (Original) - from the Atlantic Treasure album, this time it plays from the absolute beginning till the end.
  • Dreamology - a very typical trancy ambient track, based on real mechanic tape-feedback and 100% pure analogue sound synthesis. Previously unreleased.

All tracks: originally recorded somewhere between 1992-1995. Now - roughly 22 years later - a fresh and dynamic remastered edition is available. Enjoy!

* also available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play Store and many more!

Atlantic Treasure

Good morning! It's december 1st : the new album Atlantic Treasure has been released today. I hope people will like the album as much as I do. It has been quite some process to deliver but very much worth it.

No need to worry about the artist name issue. iTunes for example has published " T&c" Something we're looking into right now. Looks like it's going to take WEEKS to adjust, thank you Apple.

Don't want to buy an album from "T&c" ? ( which I'd understand) Please go and buy the album from the SonoFreq Bandcamp Page. You can even choose the desired format which rises way above the iTunes AAC 256 kbit/s ... such as FLAC, Lossless, AIFF and so on.

Spotify is thinking that TC is some sort of rapper as he is swimming in a big TC pool there! A request has been sent to separate him from the other TC(s) ... but we need to see what comes out. Do not be alarmed if we take out the album from all stores soon and re-submit under a different name.

But anyway: the music sounds great, get it, enjoy!


Update: both the Atlantic Treasure and Dreamology album will be re-submitted to online stores (iTunes, Spotify a.o.) under artist name Sonofreq. The -TC- mess ups are way beyond control. Probably their systems or their employees start to panic when reading the initials. What a wonderful world this would be!

Discussion Concert 2.

The second Sonology Discussion Concert of this academic year will have pieces by students, a presentation of Sara Pinheiro’s Listening to Film workshop, and a work by Francis Dhomont, who became 90 on 2 November 2016.

Where: KC, The Hague
Time: 19.30
Juliana van Stolberglaan 1