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Music by a Perfectionist...

This is probably quite common for musicians ... making music and having a certain goal; to accomplish perfection in the final result! With electronic music this is something to watch out for. One can get lost in eternity with all the cut, copy, paste, delete, insert, overdub, adjustments & control knobs ... to get everything right.

I've made many tracks in the past; unfortunately lots of tracks didn't make it to a final album/release because the maker (moi) was not satisfied enough or got stuck during the production process. Here's a fresh brain wave: sometimes it's better to travel light - in music it should be the same: less is more! The risk of modern technologies lies in the threat of options available ... software, plugins, hardware and accessories. Sometimes extra options are a benefit but very often a potential
danger to finish something you started.

Now, a decision has been made. From now on I will continue creating textures, atmospherics, combine all my ideas, put them into tracks, master them and bring them out! I've set the alarm clock next to me, in order to 'watch' the total production time, to prevent me from drowning in endless possibilities, alternatives and excuses to delay a release. It's time to communicatie more music.

december 2016,
Atlantic Treasure (2016 Release)
After 15 years TC decided to go back to his roots ... coming from the Sonology education his passion for electronic music is one of a kind. The album Atlantic Treasure has been published before, but not like today. With new technologies, plugins and a large box filled with fresh inspiration, the Atlantic Treasure is a story retold! Tracks sound as never before, warm, dynamic and very intriguing .... remastered edition for excellent listening pleasure.

" ... finally I succeeded telling the story as it was meant to be heard!
This time I can hardly believe my own ears, it's pure magic..."

Album: Atlantic Treasure
Artist: Sonofreq

Tracks: 9
Total Playing Time: app. 68 mins
Label: / SynGate Wave
Genre: Electronic Music, Ambient, Soundtrack
Release date: December 1st 2016

Physical CD in jewel case including Atlantic Treasure artwork (4 page booklet).
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Digital download (FLAC, AIFF, MP3, AAC and more)
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Dreamology (2016 Release)
This EP is a musthave for the Ambient/Electronic music lover... Dreamology features 3 tracks that were originally recorded somewhere between 1992-1995. Now - roughly 22 years later - a fresh and dynamic remastered edition is available! Droppings (Heavenly Ambient Mix) is 16 minutes of a pure atmospherics, featuring granular synthesis and wide soundscapes. This version: no beats. Previously unreleased. Droppings (Original) can also be found on the Atlantic Treasure album, however, it now plays from the absolute beginning till end. Dreamology is the conclusion for this EP: a very typical trancy ambient track, based on real mechanic tape-feedback and 100% pure analogue sound synthesis. Previously unreleased.
Album: Dreamology
Artist: Sonofreq

Tracks: 3
Total Playing Time: app. 38 mins
Label: Ambient.Zone
Genre: Electronic Music, Ambient, Soundtrack
Release date: December 2, 2016

Digital download (FLAC, AIFF, MP3, AAC and more)
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Vortex (2017)
(working title) Material is being created in the studio for my next EP/LP: about wave tables, apps and samples. True 21st Century Musique Concrète with a TC twist. Estimated release date: 2017.

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