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Biography [extended]

Hi! Let me tell you about me....

I'm Thiemo and I was born July 23rd 1970 in Capelle a.d. IJssel (near Rotterdam) and moved to a small town with my parents when I was 1 year old. I grew up in this small town called Zuid-Beijerland in the 'Hoeksche Waard', also known as 'Korendijk'. My parents were no musicians but music had an important role in our daily lives.

1977: At the age of 7 years I was already fascinated by the sounds and melodies on the album 'Oxygene' by Jean-Michel Jarre. The video clip on TV (Oxygene part 4) made it real: from that moment the electronic music genre grabbed me...
Reading the credits on the back of a synthesizer album for instance, reading about the synths being played by Jean-Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Vangelis, Peru and many others, where the music had been recorded, it all became part of my world, my head and my heart. It felt like 'me' and I just had to dive in. It didn't take very long actually before I started thinking about a career in music and technology.

On a regular basis I visited record stores, investigating the 'Synthesizer' section in the store and pre-listening many albums. The guys in the store sure went nuts because of it. Sorry for that! I meant everything I listened to. All this at a pretty young age (9-13 yrs).

1983-1989: During pre-university education (VWO / RSG Oud-Beijerland, 1982-1989, NL) I became a big fan of Synth pop, Electro pop, Italo and Disco; I used to listen to music by The Tapps, Yazoo, Erasure, Fun Fun, Art of Noise, Mylène Farmer, Thomas Dolby, Peter Gabriel, Earth, Wind & Fire etc. I even used to set the alarm clock for the well known night show in Holland called 'In the Mix' by Ben Liebrand: nonstop pumping disco mixes on friday nights by Ben using a 'Chronometer'. I recorded my own musical things and mixes, got myself a microphone and did crazy stuff with it, which I used to call my 'personal radio show'. It was big fun,and I soon started wondering about finding a study that had to do with electronics and music. I wanted to learn how to make music and study sound synthesis methods. I couldn't wait!

First things first: I bought my first Keyboard (Technics AX-7) and Synth module (Roland D-110) in the year 1989. I was 19 years old. Also I bought my first computer: the Atari 1040ST (I still have this one in the basement, including all floppy disks with all arrangements I've made! ) Software: Pro24 and a bit later Steinberg's Cubase.

1990: I did an audition for 'Music Technology' in Utrecht: passed! An audition for 'Sonology' in The Hague (Royal Conservatory): passed! I preferred the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and my Sonology adventures got started.

1995: My graduation for Sonology: Master Degree in 1995, signed by (R.I.P.) Konrad Boehmer. Focus: Ambient (House) music. Part of the exam: LIVE performance in Paradiso, Amsterdam. The performance included dancers and a pro-light show. Tracks arranged and produced by Yours Truly :-)
photos: Normally Invisible in 1995 - LIVE!

1995: first album release (band name: Normally Invisible) signed by Staalplaat records in Amsterdam. Live performances scheduled for 'Plein Open' in the Hague and 'Quest for Dance' in Rotterdam (Nighttown). In 1996 I left the band for personal reasons and because I needed to explore new sound synthesis on my own.

1998: moving from The Hague to Zoetermeer. Still not sure why; fact was that I had to learn, feel and rehabilitate there.
2000: moving back to The Hague again, reborn!

2001: moving from The Hague to Rotterdam, a great apartment with a wide view over the Rotterdam Skyline. This was because of my work in software and sales.

2002: my first solo album was released under the artist name "TC". The album was called 'Atlantic Treasure'. It was available on the iTunes Store and many other online stores. The album was very well received by people loving sequence music and ambient music.

2005-2013: My Passion for (electronic) music resulted in the creation and launch of the Spacemusic podcast (2005): the very first electronic music podcast. Show content: electronic music that could be found on the internet via a growing amount of netlabels. The show was about all kinds of ambient and electronic music, promoting new releases, artists, events and discussing feedback by listeners. The podcast contained mixes and sound adventures for listeners all around the globe. Within 2 years time it reached between 10,000-20,000 listeners each single episode.

Highlights: soundseeingtours combined with electronic music tracks, interviews with musicians (I Awake, Aware, James Bernard, Jason Corder, The Circular Ruins, SYNC24, Lazy Hammock, David Helpling, John Jenkins) and collaborations with various record labels in the ambient and electronic music genre (Ultimae Records, Syngate Records, Spotted Peccary Music).

At the same time I launched another series: the Fresh Air! podcast. This show was more about Lounge & Downtempo music and became extremely popular in a short time amongst Spacemusic listeners and new listeners from many locations. Feedback came in from planes, trains, mountains, beaches and tropics....
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2014: The Spacemusic podcast Season 9 final episode was posted in 2014: after a decade of ambient and electronic entertainment and close to 3 million downloads the Spacemusic journey had come to an end.

2015: New project: the Ambient Zone. Streaming mixes (Mixcloud) instead of podcast downloads. Genre: Ambient and Electronic music. Site:

Regarding audio, video and technology I've been working for several companies. Audio/Visual Support (De Doelen, Steigenberger Kurhaus, RTV Rijnmond) but also as an Accountmanager and Projectmanager (Micros, Kyocera, Canon). I've been working for Apple for 5 years (2008-2013) as a Solutions Consultant and demo trainer(100% passion for products).

In the year 2013 I decided to look for a change.
Because something was missing.... and that something was Music!
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2015: After selling most of my music equipment from the 90's (lack of space!) I picked up on the 21st Century style of music production: software and plugins instead of hardware gear and knobs (not entirely true of course). At least I needed to understand what was going on so I did some extra studying... absorbing new ways of experimenting with sounds, creating textures and grooves.

An important switch occured: from Apple Logic to Ableton Live as my DAW. The Ableton workflow felt natural, it gave me back the fun of creating. Detail: Ableton Live brought me back the Atari feeling! Certainly made by people that really understand what musicians want.

2016: Besides using fantastic new software, I also added some new hardware like the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. Because of it's user friendly interface and rich sound synthesis and a sublime wavetable design. Time to explore again!

Here I am: Passion for music and technology. Serious knowledge and experience in commerce and marketing. A career in music & technology is what I'm aiming for....

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October 21st 2016

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