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Biography [summary]

Sonofreq is Thiemo Cyril van Assendelft (a.k.a. TC), born in 1970, Capelle a.d. IJssel (The Netherlands). At the age of 7 he had his first encounter with electronic music. The experience of Oxygène by Jean-Michel Jarre kind of changed everything.... During the 80's @ pre-university school he took (electronic)music lessons and studied Practical Jazz Theory and Solfège to prepare his audition for the Sonology education @ the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Thiemo passed the audition, both in The Hague and in Utrecht (muziektechnologie).

In 1990 the Sonology adventure got started. In 1991 he moved into a student flat in The Hague. Soon Thiemo was focussed on Ambient / Electronic music and in 1995 he was the very first Conservatoire student that got his Master Degree in Ambient/House production and performance. Together with his band 'Normally Invisible' the release of their first album 'Always Ultra With Wings' was noticed by many talented and well known DJ's at that time in Rotterdam and The Hague. After a series of Live performances in cities and at dance parties, interviews and co-productions, Thiemo left the band in 1996 and moved to another location; he decided to go solo.

Living in Rotterdam now, the first solo album by Thiemo was released under the artist name "TC". This was in the year 2002 and the album was called 'Atlantic Treasure'. It was available on the iTunes Store and many other online stores. The album was very well received by people loving sequence music and ambient music.

The year 2005: Thiemo became the creator, producer and host of the Spacemusic podcast - his own idea - the first electronic music podcast online, in addition to his site The show was about all kinds of ambient and electronic music, promoting new releases, artists, events and discussing feedback by listeners. Within 2 years time the show reached 10,000-20,000 listeners easily each single episode; the audience subscribed all around the globe, USA, UK, Germany, Spain, New-Zealand, Australia, France and yes ... also listeners from The Netherlands. Financially the show was supported by himself and by listener donations. He published another show called the Fresh Air! podcast which was more about lounge & downtempo music. Over 9 Seasons of shows, the Spacemusic podcast exceeded the 3,000,000 downloads (!). In 2014 the final Spacemusic episode was published: after 10 years the journey had come to an end.

In 2015 Thiemo launched a new project online: the Ambient.Zone. Also his idea. Mostly about non-stop mixes in the Ambient genre and a bit beyond. With an occasional good-old TC-hosted episode as well. The Ambient Zone mixes are available on Mixcloud® and via the unique URL: New shows are posted regularly.

October 2016: Thiemo has serious plans for the future, his own music production and music/technology career; one of the reasons he could not continue to produce and host the Spacemusic podcast any longer. "There's only 24 hours in a day!"

Still VERY passionate about finding new methods for creating sounds, textures and ambiances, Thiemo has plans for releasing a new album in 2017. Also, there's rumors about a re-release of the "Atlantic Treasure" album, a limited CD-only edition, on a well known German label.

Interesting: Thiemo's aiming for a career in music, in combination with technology & education. With over 40 years of experience in audio/video and music production he's looking for a seriously interested party that would like to connect and inspire after reading all of the things above!

Rotterdam, October 21st 2016