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Atlantic Treasure

Good morning! It's december 1st : the new album Atlantic Treasure has been released today. I hope people will like the album as much as I do. It has been quite some process to deliver but very much worth it.

No need to worry about the artist name issue. iTunes for example has published " T&c" Something we're looking into right now. Looks like it's going to take WEEKS to adjust, thank you Apple.

Don't want to buy an album from "T&c" ? ( which I'd understand) Please go and buy the album from the SonoFreq Bandcamp Page. You can even choose the desired format which rises way above the iTunes AAC 256 kbit/s ... such as FLAC, Lossless, AIFF and so on.

Spotify is thinking that TC is some sort of rapper as he is swimming in a big TC pool there! A request has been sent to separate him from the other TC(s) ... but we need to see what comes out. Do not be alarmed if we take out the album from all stores soon and re-submit under a different name.

But anyway: the music sounds great, get it, enjoy!


Update: both the Atlantic Treasure and Dreamology album will be re-submitted to online stores (iTunes, Spotify a.o.) under artist name Sonofreq. The -TC- mess ups are way beyond control. Probably their systems or their employees start to panic when reading the initials. What a wonderful world this would be!
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