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My new EP has been released today:
Dreamology is available in all digital formats via my Bandcamp page. *

gp dreamology

The EP includes 3 tracks:
  • Droppings (Heavenly Ambient Mix) - the total beatless version of Droppings: 16 minutes of a pure atmospherics, featuring granular synthesis and wide soundscapes. Previously unreleased.
  • Droppings (Original) - from the Atlantic Treasure album, this time it plays from the absolute beginning till the end.
  • Dreamology - a very typical trancy ambient track, based on real mechanic tape-feedback and 100% pure analogue sound synthesis. Previously unreleased.

All tracks: originally recorded somewhere between 1992-1995. Now - roughly 22 years later - a fresh and dynamic remastered edition is available. Enjoy!

* also available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play Store and many more!
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