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Hi! This is Thiemo ... Over the past 40 years I've been into audio, sounds and music in general ... now it's about time to 'bundle' all of it: the story about "who I am"... welcome to my new site!

I like the name 'SonoFreq' because it summarizes who I am actually: a guy with a passion for audio & technology, sometimes even a bit freaky? Completely over the top but being honest. Experimenting and listening. Always looking for perfection and perception.

From this point in time, I will start writing about my (earlier) experiences in audio, my education in music, projects from the past and projects from the future. This site is a work in progress. I might take you on a tour quite regular while having fun with musical instruments, in the studio, software plugins, hardware stuff. Experimental / Electronic music are the keywords.

When will this site be complete? Well, I guess it will never be?
But at the same time... can't wait to get the word out!

Official site launch: december 2016.


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