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In Cyprus

Finally I found the time for posting something ... blog wise. I've settled in Cyprus. It has already been 8 months! Everything is here, my furniture, my studio, my cats. Internet is working, though it has been a challenge to be honest. When I first heard about the 16Mbps speed that was max for this village ... say again?! Then it became clear that the speed in my house would be even more dramatic ... 12Mbps!

Nowadays I'm working with a 10Mbps internet line, believe it or not. Any faster is not possible in this area. But it works! I can do e-mail, download stuff, watch YouTube in HD. So who needs more speed?

Life is different here. Totally different from where I come from. Not only talking about speed. The best question you could ask: "what does a person need to stay healthy and become happy"? The answer to that has nothing to do with materialistic things, hi-end stuff or loads of money. At least not for me. I didn't move to Cyprus to start a career and become a 'rich' man in that sense.

Glad I left Rotterdam. Glad I've taken the step to move away from a country where 'career' is the only solution to be able to pay the bills, rent, health insurance, car insurance, taxes and what not. Life in The Netherlands is working hard and no guarantee you will become happy...

In Cyprus I now enjoy a big house including a swimming pool, 325 days of sunshine a year, I can drive to the beach, to the city, plenty of food in stores. There's no stress and hurries. During summer (4 / 5 months of the year) it is way too hot to do that! Just breathe and take it easy. My work has been fun for a couple of months. Then this Dutch company (coincidence?) had to let go couple of employees. Unfortunately I was one of them.

Time for something else, new opportunities, new adventures. Hopefully I will be able to stay on the island.
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