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mastering "Atlantic Treasure"

The final mastering stage for the "Atlantic Treasure" album ....

Yes! After app.15 years the album will rise again... It has been on iTunes Store before, but not like this time. I've taken the time to re-master every second of the music. Tracks will have a different order and there's new material as well. Mastering an album used to be for CD. But these days you better prepare yourself for several media. This means: considering levels for streaming services like Spotify and iTunes for example, which is important when you want your stuff to sound right on the speakers, HiFi systems, desktops, tablets, iPhones, ear buds etc.

mastering Atlantic Treasure

The CD mastering was last week, now is the time to 'lower' the levels so the streaming servers can put their limitation systems on it! Lots of information can be found online, the funny thing is: everyone knows the truth about the right levels dBFS, LUFS, RMA etc. But all stories are kind of different in the sense of actual values.

I've decided to use common sense .... putting the gain and limits to a certain value that is, preserving the music quality so that all tracks will sound like they were designed to sound like. Let's wait and see how it turns out online this/next month. ~TC
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