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In Cyprus

Finally I found the time for posting something ... blog wise. I've settled in Cyprus. It has already been 8 months! Everything is here, my furniture, my studio, my cats. Internet is working, though it has been a challenge to be honest. When I first heard about the 16Mbps speed that was max for this village ... say again?! Then it became clear that the speed in my house would be even more dramatic ... 12Mbps! Read Moreā€¦

Move to Cyprus

The studio equipment has been disconnected, except for the iMac so I can still do some e-mail and administration stuff.

So, am I ready for the big move? Well yes and no. Meaning: there's still a lot of things to do the upcoming month in Rotterdam. There's a lot of things to take care of in Cyprus as well. It feels like I've already split myself in two halfs, living two lives. Soon picking up the keys of my new house, making sure electric, water and internet will be working before my arrival in April. Meanwhile, organizing stuff in The Netherlands so that all goes well, the house gets emptied, the new owner can move in and I -TC- can safely leave this country.

If everything goes by plan I will be able to start building the new studio first week of April. Honestly... I think the first week I only want to SLEEP and become ONE with my new environment!

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