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Bandcamp page ready for releases!

The Bandcamp page is ready for the release of my new albums. On december 1st: the release of Atlantic Treasure. Followed by Dreamology on december 2nd - an EP containing 3 tracks - most likely all musthaves for ambient/electronic music lovers! Of course both the full album and the EP will be available on lots of other well known online stores, perhaps a few days later. Enjoy! 😎

Sonofreq Bandcamp page

For the Bandcamp Page, click the image above or here.

Release: december 1st 2016

The release of my new album Atlantic Treasure will soon be there ... as we speak the music is being uploaded to online streaming services. On top of the digital download I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that Atlantic Treasure will be available on CD via SynGate Records!

Very Big, Big Thanks to Kilian Schloemp a.k.a.Cabguy for making this possible. The physical album will include very nice graphic artwork that really extends the whole adventure.

Watch this space for more details soon. Meanwhile: set your calendar for the official release date, december 1st 2016.

Update 2016-11-24: Atlantic Treasure will be available on CD next week; you can order it via SynGate Records Shop . The digital download starts on dec 1st as well; available via my SonoFreq Bandcamp page, the SynGate Bandcamp page, and a bunch of other stores ; Amazon (all international stores), Musiczeit, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, Microsoft Groove, and MediaNet.

Atlantic Treasure by TC

get the word out

Hi! This is Thiemo ... Over the past 40 years I've been into audio, sounds and music in general ... now it's about time to 'bundle' all of it: the story about "who I am"... welcome to my new site!

I like the name 'SonoFreq' because it summarizes who I am actually: a guy with a passion for audio & technology, sometimes even a bit freaky? Completely over the top but being honest. Experimenting and listening. Always looking for perfection and perception.

From this point in time, I will start writing about my (earlier) experiences in audio, my education in music, projects from the past and projects from the future. This site is a work in progress. I might take you on a tour quite regular while having fun with musical instruments, in the studio, software plugins, hardware stuff. Experimental / Electronic music are the keywords.

When will this site be complete? Well, I guess it will never be?
But at the same time... can't wait to get the word out!

Official site launch: december 2016.